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We are research on Our Own Chakma Letter(Script) in some days. It’s latest and final Font for Chakma. We have decided that from now we used the font for writing of our books and all purpose.  Please, you may put any opinion about this Font?

In this regards, your opinion is so urgent too. So, we are request to you, when we will take finally necessary step for ” BivuNabaKhamaC(Fina)” Font, then must need put your opinion here.

Please, We hope your valuable opinion, guide line are helped us in fruitfully  and strongly. So, no late!! Come on and help ourselves.

We also trying to create a UNICODE Chakma Font. Next time we will open  for all.


Admin of Hilledu

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  1. It s really great that a Chakma font is available. However, it appears not to be a Unicode font (U+11100 in the upcoming version of the Standard). Unfortunately, I could not find any clear statement on which codepoints the fonts provides glyphs for on your web site.

    While its presumed non-Unicode character does not hamper the use of such a font for private communication (preferably in printed form), it makes the font absolutely unusable on the web. And that is of cource quite a big miss.

  2. Alex Latham says:

    It’s encoded now!

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