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Mission & Vision

******Welcome to Hill Education ******

  • Mother Language learning is basic human right. In view of this purpose, we start the Hilledu website. Chakma lives in many places of Bangladesh. Specially they are live in CHT. Chakma  has own Script, culture and tradition. But it’s abolished in the present situation. Nobody take to  enterprise and sincerely step to protect them.

  • To protect Language and Alphabet(Script) of Chakma is need to established a website in many days ago.  From this thought, we established a web on 14 April 2011 in Bengali 01 Boishak 1418 AD in our Bizu festival day. In this way, we will try to reach this language in everyone. Specially, who are new generation they are fully enjoyed their own  Script, language without any hesitation.

  • Welcome to all Chakma of the World including Bangladesh.  If you learn or get or know a very little about our  Language and Alphabet (Script) is our initiative valuable effort is successful and will come true our minor diligence.  

  • If you think this initiative effort is benefited for us then we will take next step for Visitor and Reader. So, you may put your comment or opinion about the sites. We will received your opinion in first priority.  In this purpose your opinion is very urgent. Because, alone can do nothing in this world. Present time is ultra science age. So, we have to take next step in slowly

  • Educate yourselves is our main demand of the presence situation. So, we emphasis on our own language. In this motive, we  added or included own language section block in our site. Attention please!! so, we are not get loss own language in the neglectfully.

***  Mission and Vision of Hill Education ***

  • Preservation of Our Language & Alphabet (Script). 

  • Chakma Language & Alphabet (Script) are spread out in the World (What you showing on the web).  

  • Published Text Book and According to teach Chakma Language & Alphabet (First & Second Edition already published).   

  • Writing of Chakma Dictionary (Already works started).  

  • Creating Chakma Font (Already Completed).  

  • Creating of Chakma Keyboard Layout & Tools ( Layout already creating & Tools under own consideration)

  • All of above, Practice, Research of this Language & Alphabet

  • Writing Chakma Grammar (Already works started)

  • Free distribute Chakma Language Learning Book in every Primary School for three  Hill district

  • For more teaching Chakma Language to establish a free learning coaching center for each Thana and district level.



Web Designer & Developer

Jyoti Chakma


Contact:- +8801815-605570

skype:- jyotichakma


 Chakma Font Designer & Developer

Mr. Suz Moriz Chakma

Contact: +8801553213804

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