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Feature of “Alaam” Chakma Font

Here I upload some example of “Alaam” Chakma Font. What is new in it? What is not include in it?? How can we develop it ? How do you feel about the “Alaam” Chakma Font? Suz Moriz Create Your Badge

Our Most favourable book

Here I upload some page of the Book. Hope you get enjoyed from here. So why late? Please look once and get another knowledge of …….    

BivuNabaKhamaC New Version ChakmaFont

We open the same Font for all after a few days. We included many sign and symbol what is used in Chakma Language (as a letter/script). Hope, 90% Chakma learner are benefited for using the BivuNabaKhamaC Font.   This letter(Script) is type with |BivuNabaKhamaC|...

Chakma Legha with new style

This is first and final Chakma Script in computing system. You may input any kind of Chakma Language ( Word, Phrases, Sentence… etc) at easy way with ” Bivuti Kahamtu Naba (Final)” Font. ¬†Please, look once. Total Chakma Script of the...

New Chakma Font “BivuNabaKhamaC” (Final)

We are research on Our Own Chakma Letter(Script) in some days. It’s latest and final Font for Chakma. We have decided that from now we used the font for writing of our books and all purpose.¬† Please, you may put any opinion about this Font? In...
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