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Chakma Books

* * * Welcome to Chakma Books Download Page * * *

** we are strongly request to you, download the Book and read out carefully, put your opinion – Hilledu Admin**


-: Special Notes :-

1. We open the Book in PDF form for all only to readout, to distribute knowledge, eagerness and well known to this languages everyone. After downloading the Books, nobody can’t the part of this book may be reproduced by photocopying, typing, printing, sharing, uploading any others website or using any other device to serve any commercial purpose without the prior written permission of the admin and writers.

2. Download the Book in free and readout the book for enriched of knowledge on own languages.We must express out our thoughts today or tomorrow.  In view of this purpose, we make a website for distribute of education and pleasure to all. The books are covers all modern usages of Chakma Language and contains salient features of Origin Chakma. We are trying to write this book useful of research of Chakma Language and Script.

3. All of Books are PDF form. So, you will must install the  Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader Software before reading the Book. 

Click here and Download the Foxit Reader”


Chakma Language & Alphabet Learning Book

1. Mw Changma Pajjettara (The best learning aid of Chakma)


Some Word Books in Chakma Language

1. Gulo Guli (Fruit) in Chakma Language


2. Puk Juk (Insects) in Chakma Language


3.  Peik (Bird) in Chakma Language


4.Eman (Animal) in Chakma Language


5. Mach (Fish) in Chakma Language


6.  Lada Pada (vegetable) in Chakma Language


7.Nurshery Class Standard Math Book ( New )


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