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At first welcome to my ex-teacher (Mrittika Chakma-Changma Poet). He writes me a letter on 25 August 2011 for various subjects about me and our initiative effort. I apologies to him for uploading & opening the letter to all.  

We are very grateful to him for helping us (guide lines & instruction). I think, he is a  proud teacherAnd Mr. Suz Moriz Chakma are also learned from him when he was a student of Moanoghar.  

Thanks a lot of Mrittika Chakma Sir. It’s first meet and communicate with Sir after 10-15 years later. So, it’s interesting and strange also in my life. I upload the letter here:-


I remember them(my ex-teacher) who teaches me in School and College life. When I study at Moanoghar every teacher knows about Mr. Suz Moriz Chakma how was he as a student. Today I remember them, their ex-student is now creating Chakma font (Script) and research with it.

Finally he has written a Chakma Book for Class I standard.  Mr. Suz Moriz Chakma also written many word book in Chakma. Here the book list:-

1.  Gulo Guli in Chakma Language

2.  Nitto Heidya Ton paad in Chakma Language

3.  Hazi Jalloi Ama Ginis Paadi in Chakma Language

4. Eman in Chakma Language

5. Puk Juk in Chakma Language

6. Maj in Chakma Language

7. Lada Paada in Chakma Language

8. Peik in Chakma Language

9. Gari Gora in Chakma Language

Note:The above mention book are unpublished now.


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