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Chakma: Ian akkan gom hwbor ama Hill Chadigang manussunotte. Iian olode ama Changma Keyboard layout. Ai Keyboard-ttandoi jadi madi Changma legha Leghi pariba BivutiNabaKhamatu Changma Font-towloi. Zara zara Changma Legha Leghibar darazz gorong tarattei awmokodw gom obo biline mui aza gorong. Te kon Bangla Software loi ai Changma Ohrokkun leghi pariba sian ami bekkunore nw dir. Je je pebar chw (magana) tara amalloi mada booloaw gori parw. Cell: +8801553213804 and +8801555001211

English: It is the best news for all of hill peoples. This is our own Changma Keyboard layout. You can write CHANGMA easy way with “BivutiNabaKhamatu” font with. I hope, it’s very useful for those who are interested about the writing of Changma Language. I’m very sorry it’s not open for all, which Bengali Writing software have been used in this Font. Please E-mail or call us or discuss us, for getting in freely the Font, Keyboard layout and supported software. You can download the font from Hilledu font page. Thanks. Cell: +8801553213804 and +8801555001211

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  1. sudip chakma says:

    Kindly please send the chakma script software as it is most necessary for us to learn chakma script and to know how to write in chakma script.

  2. Jyoti Chakma says:

    Please visit . Download Chakma unicode font and Chakma Layout software then install.

    You are also write chakma on online by Ribeng Virtual Chakma keyboard(Online Writing System) without any software.

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