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Chakma:  A hanagani ai pottwm post gora oye. Te mui baneye Chakma Font (Bivuti Chakma Dhanno) dinei nuwa gori legha oye a Pajjettara-boo. Senotte Visitor/Reader… Rwre Janebatte Post Gora Awlo. Pooro Pajjettara-bo Udo Lwbatte ” Download Books” Padat Reni Chei Parw Abong Download Gori Parw. Te Iyot 2 nan Pada Tuli Dilung:


English:  This item are posted in newly.  By the way, the Word Book have written with New Font (Bivuti Chakma Dhanno) creating by Bivuti Chakma. For more info of Visitor/Reader, I’m posting the New Book (Chakma Everyday Foods). And you can download it, in easy way from Download Books page.  Thanks you. 

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