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প্রথম যে ডিকশনারীটি লেখ হয়েছিল। তা ছিল শুধুমাত্র চাকমা এবং বাংলায়। এখন নতুন রুপে বাংলা ও ইংরেজি সংযোজন পুর্বক একটি আধুনিক ও যুগোপযোগী চাকমা ডিকশনারী তৈরির কাজ প্রক্রিয়াধীন আছে। দুএকটি পৃষ্ঠা পাঠকমহলের রিভিউ করার জন্য এখানে উপস্থাপন করা হলো।

এর পরবর্তীতে চাকমা গ্রামার রচনার জন্য পরিকল্পনা নেয়া হচ্ছে। আশা করি, সময় এবং চাহিদা সবি বলে দেবে একদিন। ধন্যবাদ। 

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  1. I think Changma Dictionery will be Changma . i.e. Changma (in Changma script) to Bangla then English by Grammatically.

    • Suz Moriz says:

      We are also think it so that everybody and everywhere is likes and accept easily and cordially. Just need to time for creating it. We hope so in later.

      In future we will do it. Thanks.

  2. Suz Moriz says:

    Thanks you Uncle.

  3. Dear Friend,

    For the first time I came to know about this site, I am extremely happy to see so many information and so much development of our script and language done by you. Now days, we (new generation of our village) are indulged in knowing our script and in search of book. So, I think this site is the perfect for me. But it ld be more batter that if I get these books to learn in Sunday Buddhist School in our village. How do i get these books? Do you publish them? Pls. reply in my mail.

    Thanks and many, many congretulation to you and your teacher for the hard work to develop our Nation.

    Joy Chakma

  4. Suz Moriz says:

    Dear Mr. Joy
    We published the same once. But there is some wrong in Chakma Font and Word. Next time ” Banajogichara Kishor Kishori Kallyan Somity” published the said Books. You have to collect from them. Now we are very poor to make and maintenance of money. So we are not interested to published the book. If you would like to published the same, you may do so in your own exp. For more details plz call once: 01553213804

  5. Esther Brown says:

    Branah and Wiktionary, anyone?

  6. Suz Moriz says:

    Dear, Esther Brown,
    I check out your Branah & Wiktionay site. Very fine.
    Would you like to tell me how can I help you?

  7. saad says:

    i want to learn chakma language.. i live in dhaka and i am a student at buet… can anyone help me ?

  8. Jyoti Chakma says:


    Please Download our .PDF formate e books.

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