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We do only it for our next generation including alive of human. So our mission is not on the world only. We get ready to spread it on the other Worlds. How can possible it. It’s possible only your mind. Mind will say everything in her time.  So, don’t worry. ….

Note: Here you will found Suz Moriz Jhal. So Suz Moriz = ? ?. Owo! it’s very interesting own criticize on behalf of me. Thanks you everybody.

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  1. A.Chakma says:

    Juu Da, deinn daghodi jeh mowrij-sunn agown, siegunn saleh bombey mowrij ohni? Mui daw moneh gottung bombey mowrij-sunn dangawr jattunn. eg- Amah Indiatt , North-east ekkan state (Nagaland) ott jigunn naga gunneh vari/barih guri hahn, sigun ‘bombey mowrij’. Naga gunneh sigun ‘Raja mircha’ guri hohn aro sei mowrij sunn ei songsaror bego ‘jhal-mowrij’ guri world record ott lega oye.

  2. Suz Moriz says:

    Mui iyan Joke gossongey. Thank for your valuable comment & unknown info.

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