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Feature of “Alaam” Chakma Font

Here I upload some example of “Alaam” Chakma Font. What is new in it? What is not include in it?? How can we develop it ? How do you feel about the “Alaam” Chakma Font? Suz Moriz Create Your Badge

Our Most favourable book

Here I upload some page of the Book. Hope you get enjoyed from here. So why late? Please look once and get another knowledge of …….    

Converting our Book “My First Chakma Lerning Kits”

Our first published book are changed with new Chakma Font “Alaam”. So it’s contains looks very nice and smooth. Here I upload a cover page for your kind attention please.

Achchettun dhuri banha changma bhach leghibong

We will decide that from today we will write only Chakma. So be ready to start writing of Chakma. Here I will present some text of Chakma. Hope you will understand the subject heading.  It may be wrong. I request you, please read correctly.  

01 Suz Moriz is not qual to many many Bombey Moriz

We do only it for our next generation including alive of human. So our mission is not on the world only. We get ready to spread it on the other Worlds. How can possible it. It’s possible only your mind. Mind will say everything in her time.  So,...
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