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Here I add next pages of the book. I request you, please, read once and comment about the book. Your comment is very urgent.


  1. Bisletionani changmandi legile gomedale buja jebo. Chakma Pattam Pat boibot ki ki bad diya aoye siani kittyai bad diyon ta bisletion gossyon bili mone aoy. Gome dale boyoun ulle cha.

  2. Suz Moriz says:

    Changmadi Legile hoi Jone pai buzibak. Lare Lare gori Changmai Legha obo ai. Te Mui Chkama Primer 2011, 2007 & 2008 Salor Boi oon Ullei Cheyong tara se boi-oonot akka akka bisletion gossong aro gome poriskar gori gorana dorgar aghe biline mui mone gorong. Te ai boi boo-or aro part aghe… siani reni chele mui ajole hii hobar chenyong sina bekkuno idu poriskar obo biline aja gorong.

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